Why Dubai?

Why Dubai?

Investing in one of the world’s most beautiful cities, Dubai, presents a golden and secure opportunity for investors. In 2018, Dubai witnessed a record-breaking influx of foreign direct investments, securing its top position in the Global Cities of the Future index and ranking sixth in cities attracting foreign direct investment capital flows.

  1. Real Estate Investment: Dubai’s real estate sector has attracted global attention, with significant foreign investments. In 2018, Dubai ranked first globally in foreign direct investment performance, surpassing London, Paris, Dublin, and Singapore. This sector provides a multitude of options for investors seeking secure returns.
  2. Stocks and Bonds Investment: With the right advice and prudent steps, investing in stocks and bonds can be an excellent opportunity. Careful consultation is crucial for success in this domain.
  3. Setting Up a Business: Dubai provides a fertile environment for entrepreneurs from around the world. The Emirate offers significant incentives for establishing new businesses and an array of business activities, capitalizing on a conducive ecosystem.

Why Dubai?

Dubai claimed the top spot in the “Financial Times” report on “Global Foreign Direct Investment Performance” in 2018, outperforming global hubs such as London, Paris, Dublin, and Singapore. Dubai consistently appeared in worldwide classification reports of the best investment destinations for 2018, as per the “FDI Markets” index, which monitors data on capital flows and new foreign direct investment projects worldwide. The FDI index identifies the best sites for foreign direct investment by benchmarking.

With Dubai’s consistent appearances in these rankings, all eyes are on the United Arab Emirates as an ideal destination for realizing investment dreams. At Modern Services Company (MSC), we specialize in helping investors obtain business licenses and navigate the process seamlessly within a few days.

The time required to obtain a business license in the UAE depends on the type of business activity and the legal structure of the company. Some business activities require approvals from multiple federal or local authorities. However, the Dubai government is committed to providing unrivaled facilities and services to make Dubai the optimal business destination. Free Zones are a particularly attractive choice, as they offer significant benefits, including 100% ownership, no bureaucratic hassles, and a single-window management system.

In conclusion, investing in Dubai offers extraordinary opportunities. In 2018, the Emirate broke records in attracting foreign direct investment. Dubai ranked first globally in foreign direct investment performance and successfully attracted 523 foreign direct investment projects in 2018, reflecting a 43% growth compared to 2017. This underscores Dubai’s position as a major player in the global economy and its role as a hub for new investment projects.

MSC It is one of the best consulting firms specializing in establishing companies and businesses inside the United Arab Emirates.

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