Obtaining Residency Visa in Dubai for Non-Emirati Investors

Obtaining Residency Visa in Dubai for Non-Emirati Investors

Obtaining Residency Visa in Dubai for Non-Emirati Investors

If you are not an Emirati citizen, you will need to obtain a residency visa to live in Dubai. There are various ways and types of residency visas that can allow you to reside in Dubai. Additionally, there are companies like Modern Services Company (MSC) that offer tailored assistance to simplify this process and make it easy and efficient.

Types of Residency Visas

Residency visas in Dubai come in several types, including the freelance work permit and the investor visa for three years. The requirements and costs of each type of visa vary depending on the purpose and desired duration.

Required Documents

To obtain a residency visa in Dubai as a non-Emirati investor, you must provide a set of required documents. These documents include:

  1. Company License as a first step.
  2. **Four passport photos.
  3. **Visa application form.
  4. **A copy of a valid passport (the original passport will be requested later).
  5. **Visa application fees.
  6. **If you are in the UAE, you must attach a copy of your entry stamp or any other valid visa within the UAE.

Freelance Work Permit

The freelance work permit allows individuals to conduct business independently in Dubai, without the need to work for a company or within an establishment. You can obtain a freelance work permit at costs ranging from AED 2,500 to AED 16,000 approximately, depending on the desired duration and the area you wish to work in within Dubai.

Investor Visa for Three Years

The investor visa allows investors to live and work in Dubai and take advantage of investment opportunities. It can be renewed and extended, and investors can also use it for the benefit of their family members. Registration and investor visa services are available through the Dubai Economy, representing the latest developments in Dubai’s residency visas.

Leveraging Opportunities in Dubai

The United Arab Emirates offers numerous opportunities in various sectors. Before embarking on an investment journey in Dubai, it is essential to conduct thorough research and careful planning. Modern Services Company (MSC) assists you in this regard by conducting feasibility studies for your project and finding suitable investment opportunities for you in Dubai.

MSC Support for Establishment and Residency

Modern Services Company (MSC) offers comprehensive support for investors in company establishment and obtaining residency permits in Dubai. These services include activity permits and consultation services

MSC It is one of the best consulting firms specializing in establishing companies and businesses inside the United Arab Emirates.

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